Smart life assistant

smass (smart life assistant)

smass is a custom brand.

You can experience custom products that

express your personal taste and personality in your lifestyle.


Always close to your side.

at hand, started to produce the products you need, always by your side.

The meaning of 'at hand' is 'always close to your side' like a slogan after all, and we strive to introduce products that can bring happiness in everyday life.


My name is Logo.

Isn't my name the first gift I receive after being born into the world?

more precious than anything

The most precious and precious gift.


Products engraved with your name, not the logo of the company that manufactured the product.

my name is,

Being the logo of the product I chose,

Isn't that another way to love yourself?

[ smass  prepares customization for individuals. ]

smass focuses on one person.

Us rather than groups,

A couple rather than us,

We think of individuals rather than couples.

We pursue custom products that focus more on the needs of each individual.

Although it is a couple item, it has personal taste and personality,

We think of products that are made for us, but where individual characteristics can be expressed.

[ smass think about the personalization. ]


In a boring and loose life

What are some 'products just for me' that make a world full of vitality and happiness?

I hope that you can find items for me at smass that can make me who I am.

I studied 'gold & silver smithing' for nearly 10 years, and at a company I joined to develop metal decorations, I accidentally designed a leather case for portable devices, not my major.

For more than 10 years after that, I have developed cases, pouches, and leather goods for various digital products such as mobile phones, cameras, and VR for large companies such as Samsung Electronics and Olympus.

In the ODM / OEM business, where results are always determined by quantity, individual designs and colors could not exist.

I really wanted to make a product that took into account personal taste, so I started smass.

However, the existing production system had too many problems to produce according to individual tastes.

So I started making by myself.

smass designs and produces works that prioritize customization for individuals rather than popularization.